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AUGUST 18-19, 2007
"Family Preservation Day"

We are individuals , families, organizations, businesses and churches united nationwide. We represent varied cultures, religions and ethnicities. We are parents, mothers and fathers. We are children. We are grandparents, aunts and uncles. We are veterans. We are lay people. We are professionals. We are America.

We meet in Washington DC , to peacefully exercise our first amendment right to assemble and to respectfully petition our government for a redress of grievances. Our grievances relate to governmental interference with and the destruction of our nation's family structure. DCRally2007 will take place at the historic site of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

DCRally2007 commemorates the 44th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. DCRally2007 is the extension of the Civil Rights Movement. DCRally2007 addresses the state's failure to recognize and protect our Fundamental Rights. It's time for our Federal Congress to recognize and protect our Fundamental Rights.

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states condone and allow the abduction of children from their homes and the placing of children into the adoption market. The states have opened this door and allow illegal step-parent adoptions without the knowledge and/or consent of fit and loving parents. This outrage is breaking the hearts of good, fit, loving parents and America's children.

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states under the color of law utilize destructive and unnecessarily punitive methods for child support collection and refuse to adopt shared parenting legislation for fit and loving parents. Children are alienated from loving and fit parents. The net result is a squandering of precious federal and state tax revenue, hostile and dysfunctional men and women who have contempt for the system and children who exhibit every social ill imaginable.   

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states in fact, profit financially from the child support collection procedures they implement.  Hence, states have an incentive to maintain an adversarial environment and a ‘winner take all' agenda whereby one party is empowered and one party is disenfranchised and forced to pay into the state's collection mechanism. The states are manufacturing ‘dead beats' and are turning fit and loving parents into felons often times making it impossible to gain meaningful employment.

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states while ignoring Fundamental Rights are wrongfully affecting corporate America and costing America untold billions of dollars annually in lost productivity.  Anxiety, depression, anger, pre-occupation, physical illness, absenteeism, and much more are the result of the policies and procedures utilized by the states and the result is dysfunctional citizens, less product and higher prices. 

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states are destroying families and relationships and allowing their respective state agencies to medicate our children senselessly without regard for long-term effects and without the permission of fit and loving parents.  

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states have usurped the parental responsibility to discipline children and inculcate moral values. The result is parents are wrongfully punished. Children are drugged, running out of control and becoming self-destructive.  Our society as a whole is suffering.

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because when paternity fraud takes place, the states refuse to recognize it as fraud, continue to collect child support from parents with no biological connection to a child and further refuse to spend the necessary time and resources to locate the biological parent.

DCRally2007 is coming to Washington DC; because the states treat America's veterans with disrespect and contempt in matters relating to familial issues. Veterans are the backbone of America; however the states continuously ignore with calloused indifference the fundamental rights of veterans and their families.

The present environment for the American family and all those individuals within is beyond dismal. It is a deep abyss. The states of this nation ignore and trample upon Fundamental Rights with impunity.  Yet, Fundamental Rights are God given and Fundamental Rights are recognized by the United States Supreme Court and are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Accordingly,



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